201. Hooray! from Homer

At a Tennessee Football Game---not a joke

Christianity is now the target of persecution...




This is a statement that was read over the PA system at the football game at Roane County High School , Kingston , Tennessee by school Principal, Jody McLeod

"It has always been the custom at Roane County High School football games, to say a prayer and play the National Anthem, to honor God and Country."

Due to a recent ruling by the Supreme Court, I am told that saying a Prayer is a violation of Federal Case Law. As I understand the law at this time, I can use this public facility to approve of sexual perversion and call it "an alternate life style," and if someone is offended, that's OK.

I can use it to condone sexual promiscuity, by dispensing condoms and calling it, "safe sex." If someone is offended, that's OK.

I can even use this public facility to present the merits of killing an unborn baby as a "viable" Means of birth control." If someone is offended, no problem...

I can designate a school day as "Earth Day" and involve students in activities to worship religiously and praise the goddess "Mother Earth" and call it "ecology.."

I can use literature, videos and presentations in the classroom that depicts people with strong, traditional Christian convictions as "simple minded" and "ignorant" and call it "enlightenment.."

However, if anyone uses this facility to honor GOD and to ask HIM to Bless this event with safety and good sportsmanship, then Federal Case Law is violated.

This appears to be inconsistent at best, and at worst, diabolical. 
Apparently, we are to be tolerant of everything and anyone, except GOD and HIS Commandments.

Nevertheless , as a school principal, I frequently ask staff and students to abide by rules with which they do not necessarily agree. For me to do otherwise would be inconsistent at best, and at worst, hypocritical. I suffer from that affliction enough unintentionally. I certainly do not need to add an intentional transgression.

For this reason, I shall "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's," and refrain from praying at this time.

" However, if you feel inspired to honor, praise and thank GOD and ask HIM, in the name of JESUS, to Bless this event, please feel free to do so.. As far as I know, that's not against the law--yet."

One by one, the people in the stands bowed their heads, held hands with one another and began to pray.

They prayed in the stands. They prayed in the team huddles. They prayed at the concession stand and they prayed in the Announcer's Box!

The only place they didn't pray was in the Supreme Court of the United States of America- the Seat of "Justice" in the "one nation, under GOD."

Somehow, Kingston , Tennessee Remembered what so many have forgotten. We are given the Freedom OF Religion, not the Freedom FROM Religion Praise GOD that HIS remnant remains!


JESUS said, "If you are ashamed of ME before men, then I will be ashamed of you before MY FATHER.."

If you are not ashamed, pass this on ..

I'm not one bit ashamed to pass this on, Are you?




200. Flag Dedication at Carl, Georgia

Flag Dedication at Carl, Georgia

September 19, 2016

by Doctor C. B. Skelton

The city of Carl dedicates today this flagpole with a flag of the USA.

Woodmen give flagpoles and flags to honor all who, by their service, heap honor upon her.

The idea for the program came to honor those who gave their lives on 9-11, trying others to save.

All servicemen, paramedics too, are now included with the “boys in blue”–

anyone willing to risk his own life to save his neighbor or his neighbor’s wife.

All that the donors ask in return is that the recipients make effort to learn

and always to follow protocol that is proper, showing respect that never will falter.

This flag would say, if she could speak, “Contrary to some, I am not weak.

I have flown more than 200 years. –at first, only thirteen – now fifty stars appear.

“I have flown in battles around the world, and tyranny trembles when I am unfurled.

I am the symbol of liberty and, wherever I go, I set people free.

“Whenever you pass and look my way, at least in your mind, you ought to say

a little prayer of thanks to God that I still hang on this shining rod.

“For, as long as I hang here, you shall be free to enjoy the fruits of true liberty.

But, if I be gone and another hangs here, you will have lost those freedoms, I fear.

So, cherish those freedoms and give me respect. See that neither suffers neglect,

and this country always shall be a bastion of hope and liberty.”


199. On His Knees - Ronald Regan

I believe the old boy had a good heart for sure. All those politically correct D.C. Clowns need to think about it.


This is a rather short video that we all should watch, appreciate and fully understand its meaning. It is also one that everyone in our government should be forced to watch several times, at least until they get it!!! If you are one of those that do not forward e-mails, please make this an exception and pass this along to everyone in your address book.

198. Wise Words


As we grow older, and hence wiser, we slowly realize that:
Whether we wear a $300 or $30 watch - - they both tell
the same time. Whether we carry a $300 or $30 wallet/handbag – the
amount of money inside is the same. Whether we drink a bottle of $300 or $30 or $3 wine – the hangover is the same. Whether the house we live in is 300 or 3,000 or 30,000 sq. ft. the loneliness is the same. And we realize our true inner happiness does not come from the material things of this world. Whether we fly first or economy class, if the plane goes down we go down with it. Whether we fly first or economy class, if the plane reaches its destination - - everyone arrives at the same time. Therefore… we should realize that when we have
mates, buddies and old friends, brothers and sisters, with whom we can chat, laugh, talk, sing, talk about north- south-east-west or heaven and earth -- that is true happiness!
Six Undeniable Facts of Life

1. Don't educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy, so when they grow up they will know the value of things, not the price. 

2. Best wise words: "Eat your food as your medicines. Otherwise you have to eat medicines as your food." 

3. The one who loves you will never leave you because, even if there are 100 reasons to give up, he or she will find a reason to hold on. 

4. There is a big difference between a human being and being human. Only a few folks really understand that. 

5. You are loved when you are born. You will be loved when you die…share your love with everyone in between these times.

6. If you just want to walk fast, walk alone; but, if you
want to walk far, walk together!
Six Best Doctors in the World

1. Sunlight

2. Rest

3. Exercise

4. Diet

5. The Words of God

6. Friends

And, finally: The nicest place to be is in
someone's positive thoughts, the safest place to be is in someone's prayers, and the very best place to be is… in the hands of GOD.


197. A Message from Homer

GO DONALD! He is our man! HONESTLY! I have been trying to reach out to you for months to help you squash lying Hillary! Who better to help a good HONEST true-blooded American get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as our next and GREATEST President than ABE himself?

I actually worked in the White House for two years for President Johnson 1965 to 1967 and have been a motivational/impressionist speaker in 47 states as ABE for 41 years. I need to be the one to introduce Donald on TV spots and in person: “Since I am too old at 207 years to run again, my friend Donald will do a fine job for all of US! He is HONEST! And he will help US take government away from the politicians and put it back the way it was in my time….a government OF, BY & FOR the PEOPLE! Mary Todd and I would really appreciate you and all of our friends voting for Donald to be our next President. Thank you. HONESTLY!”

196. The Magic Bank Account


The Magic Bank Account
Imagine that you had won the Following *PRIZE* in a contest: 
Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your private account for your use. However, this prize has Rules:
The set of Rules: 

1. Everything that you didn't spend during each day would be taken away from you.

2. You may not simply transfer money into some other account.
3. You may only spend It.
4. Each morning upon awakening,
the bank opens your account with another $86,400 for that day.
5. The bank can end the game without warning; at any time, it can say, Game Over!" It can close the account and you will not receive a new
What would you personally do?
You would buy anything and everything you wanted right? Not only for yourself, but for all the people you love and care for. Even for people you don't know, because you couldn't possibly spend it all on yourself, right?
You would try to spend every penny, and use it all, because you knew it would be replenished in the morning, right?
Each of us is already a winner of this *PRIZE*.
We just can't seem to see it. 

1. Each morning we awaken to Receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of Life.
2. And when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is not credited to us.
3. What we haven't used up that day is forever lost.
4. Yesterday is forever gone.
5. Each morning the account is Refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account at any time WITHOUT WARNING...
SO, what will YOU do with your 86,400 seconds?
Those seconds are worth so much more than the same amount in dollars. Think about it and remember to enjoy every second of your life, because time races by so much quicker than you think.


194. Glen Campbell

HI Ho Silver!

Many of us grew up listening to the Lone Ranger and Tonto on radio and later watching them on TV (black and white, mind you!).

This is a neat clip of a younger Glen Campbell playing the William Tell Overture (with the back-up of a symphony orchestra) and dedicating it to Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels.

You should enjoy the excellent guitar playing, the sounds of the orchestra as well as taking you back to those days of yesteryear.  Click and watch the show

193. The Eagle


This is Amazing...It is no wonder there are scriptural references to the eagle! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. And, no there is no wonder the bald eagle has such a significant symbolism to our country. What hope…¦!!!! 

191. Mother's Day 2016

Mother’s Day, 2016

A tried-and-true saying from many years ago

says, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The simple mention of one name sets many hearts aglow,

even though she may be getting older.


The name that sets those hearts aflame is Mother.

Just a family member, you might think.

But mention Father, Sister – even Brother,

and other family members hardly blink.


The reason for this difference of cognition

is, Mother risked her life in giving us birth,

and cared for us in good or adverse conditions.

No wonder that we now proclaim her worth!


Her love for us was always unconditional,

and usually accompanied with a prayer

that God would make our dreams be actual

and walk beside us while we were getting there.


Her faith in us was never known to waiver,

though we would oftentimes come short of the mark.

Her prayers to God asked Him to show us favor

and give to us that needed extra spark.


Through thick and thin; through small and grievous errors,

she kept the faith that we would win the race.

And, when our lives were caught in life’s dark narrows,

she prayed that God would grant to us His grace.


Such love, such faith, and such undying devotion

one hardly ever finds in any other.

No wonder the name invokes such great emotion –

in all parts of the world, the name of Mother.

(On a personal note)

Though Mom has long since gone to meet her Maker,

the mention of her name still brings me joy.

She truly was a giver, not a taker,

and God blessed me to be one of her boys.

Written by a very good friend of Homer's,

Doctor C. B. Skelton, Winder, GA

190. Soaring Valor

Once in awhile I receive something I think is very important, and this is one of them. 

Because of these men and many thousands more, just like them is the reason we

live in the country we do. 

It is so sad that we lose 1100of them a day, but what is sadder is there are not too many left. 

This is a short film so please watch it and remember these men and women. 

If you ever see one, be sure to walk up, shake his hand and say


"Thank you for all you did in WW2".

189. Don’t Widen the Plate

Don’t Widen the Plate

In Nashville, Tennessee, during the first week of January, 1996, more than 4,000 baseball coaches descended upon the Opryland Hotel for the 52nd annual ABCA convention.

While I waited in line to register with the hotel staff, I heard other more veteran coaches rumbling about the lineup of speakers scheduled to present during the weekend. One name, in particular, kept resurfacing, always with the same sentiment — “John Scolinos is here? Oh man, worth every penny of my airfare.” Who the hell is John Scolinos, I wondered. No matter, I was just happy to be there.

In 1996, Coach Scolinos was 78 years old and five years retired from a college coaching career that began in 1948. He shuffled to the stage to an impressive standing ovation, wearing dark polyester pants, a light blue shirt, and a string around his neck from which home plate hung — a full-sized, stark-white home plate. Seriously, I wondered, who in the hell is this guy? After speaking for twenty-five minutes, not once mentioning the prop hanging around his neck, Coach Scolinos appeared to notice the snickering among some of the coaches. Even those who knew Coach Scolinos had to wonder exactly where he was going with this, or if he had simply forgotten about home plate since he’d gotten on stage.

Then, finally …

“You’re probably all wondering why I’m wearing home plate around my neck. Or maybe you think I escaped from Camarillo State Hospital,” he said, his voice growing irascible. I laughed along with the others, acknowledging the possibility. “No,” he continued, “I may be old, but I’m not crazy. The reason I stand before you today is to share with you baseball people what I’ve learned in my life, what I’ve learned about home plate in my 78 years.” Several hands went up when Scolinos asked how many Little League coaches were in the room. “Do you know how wide home plate is in Little League?” After a pause, someone offered, “Seventeen inches,” more question than answer. “That’s right,” he said. “How about in Babe Ruth? Any Babe Ruth coaches in the house?” Another long pause. “Seventeen inches?”came a guess from another reluctant coach.

“That’s right,” said Scolinos. “Now, how many high school coaches do we have in the room?” Hundreds of hands shot up, as the pattern began to appear. “How wide is home plate in high school baseball?” “Seventeen inches,” they said, sounding more confident. “You’re right!” Scolinos barked. “And you college coaches, how wide is home plate in college?” “Seventeen inches!” we said, in unison. “Any Minor League coaches here? How wide is home plate in pro ball?” “Seventeen inches!” “RIGHT! And in the Major Leagues, how wide home plate is in the Major Leagues?” “Seventeen inches!” “SEV-EN-TEEN INCHES!” he confirmed, his voice bellowing off the walls. “And what do they do with a a Big League pitcher who can’t throw the ball over seventeen inches?” Pause. “They send him to Pocatello!” he hollered, drawing raucous laughter. “What they don’t do is this: they don’t say, ‘Ah, that’s okay, Jimmy. You can’t hit a seventeen-inch target? We’ll make it eighteen inches, or nineteen inches. We’ll make it twenty inches so you have a better chance of hitting it. If you can’t hit that, let us know so we can make it wider still, say twenty-five inches.'” Pause. “Coaches …” Pause. ” … what do we do when our best player shows up late to practice? When our team rules forbid facial hair and a guy shows up unshaven? What if he gets caught drinking? Do we hold him accountable? Or do we change the rules to fit him, do we widen home plate? The chuckles gradually faded as four thousand coaches grew quiet, the fog lifting as the old coach’s message began to unfold. He turned the plate toward himself and, using a Sharpie, began to draw something. When he turned it toward the crowd, point up, a house was revealed, complete with a freshly drawn door and two windows. “This is the problem in our homes today. With our marriages, with the way we parent our kids. With our discipline. We don’t teach accountability to our kids, and there is no consequence for failing to meet standards. We widen the plate!” Pause. Then, to the point at the top of the house he added a small American flag. “This is the problem in our schools today. The quality of our education is going downhill fast and teachers have been stripped of the tools they need to be successful, and to educate and discipline our young people. We are allowing others to widen home plate! Where is that getting us?” Silence. He replaced the flag with a Cross. “And this is the problem in the Church, where powerful people in positions of authority have taken advantage of young children, only to have such an atrocity swept under the rug for years. Our church leaders are widening home plate!”

I was amazed. At a baseball convention where I expected to learn something about curveballs and bunting and how to run better practices, I had learned something far more valuable. From an old man with home plate strung around his neck, I had learned something about life, about myself, about my own weaknesses and about my responsibilities as a leader. I had to hold myself and others accountable to that which I knew to be right, lest our families, our faith, and our society continue down an undesirable path. “If I am lucky,” Coach Scolinos concluded, “you will remember one thing from this old coach today. It is this: if we fail to hold ourselves to a higher standard, a standard of what we know to be right; if we fail to hold our spouses and our children to the same standards, if we are unwilling or unable to provide a consequence when they do not meet the standard; and if our schools and churches and our government fail to hold themselves accountable to those they serve, there is but one thing to look forward to …” With that, he held home plate in front of his chest, turned it around, and revealed its dark black backside.  “… dark days ahead.” Coach Scolinos died in 2009 at the age of 91, but not before touching the lives of hundreds of players and coaches, including mine. Meeting him at my first ABCA convention kept me returning year after year, looking for similar wisdom and inspiration from other coaches. He is the best clinic speaker the ABCA has ever known because he was so much more than a baseball coach. His message was clear: “Coaches, keep your players — no matter how good they are — your own children, and most of all, keep yourself at seventeen inches.


187. The Little Owl

“The Gnomist: A Great Big Beautiful Act Of Kindness” is a short film that shows us how one person can help make the world a better place for so many others. Set in a forest park in Overland Park, Kansas, The Gnomist sets out to do something for only them and ends up doing something good for many people. You’ll probably need a Kleenex or two by the time your done watching this heartwarming video.


186. The Special Tablecloth with a Cross

This has been around before, but it is still worth reading and passing on this heart-warming story.  God bless.

T he brand new pastor and his wife, newly assigned
to their first ministry to reopen a church
in suburban Brooklyn, arrived in early October
excited about their opportunities. When they saw
their church it was very run down and needed
much work. They set a goal to have everything
done in time to have their first service
on Christmas Eve.

T hey worked hard repairing pews, plastering walls,
painting, etc, and on December 18
were ahead of schedule and just about finished.

O n December 19 a terrible tempest, a driving
rainstorm, hit the area and lasted for two days.

O n the 21st, the pastor went over to the church.
His heart sank when he saw that the roof had
leaked, causing a large area of plaster about
20 feet by 8 feet to fall off the front wall
of the sanctuary just behind the pulpit,
beginning about head high.

T he pastor cleaned up the mess on the floor,
and not knowing what else to do but postpone

the Christmas Eve service, headed home.
On the way he noticed that a local business was
having a flea market type sale for charity, so he
stopped in. One of the items was a beautiful,
handmade, ivory colored, crocheted tablecloth
with exquisite work, fine colors and a Cross
embroidered right in the center. It was just
the right size to cover the hole in the front
wall. He bought it and headed back to the church.

B y this time it had started to snow. An older
woman running from the opposite direction was
trying to catch the bus. She missed it. The pastor
invited her to wait in the warm church for
the next bus 45 minutes later.

She sat in a pew and paid no attention to the pastor
while he got a ladder, hangers, etc., to put
up the tablecloth as a wall tapestry. The pastor
could hardly believe how beautiful it looked and
it covered up the entire problem area.

T hen he noticed the woman walking down the center
aisle. Her face was like a sheet. "Pastor,"
she asked, "where did you get that tablecloth?"
The pastor explained. The woman asked him to check
the lower right corner to see if the initials, EBG were crocheted into
it there. They were. These were the initials of the woman, and she had
made this tablecloth 35 years before, in Austria .

T he woman could hardly believe it as the pastor
told how he had just gotten "The Tablecloth". The
woman explained that before the war she and
her husband were well-to-do people in Austria .

When the Nazis came, she was forced to leave.
Her husband was going to follow her the next week.
He was captured, sent to prison, and she never saw her
husband or her home again.

T he pastor wanted to give her the tablecloth;
but she made the pastor keep it for the church.
The pastor insisted on driving her home. That
was the least he could do. She lived on the other
side of Staten Island and was only in Brooklyn
for the day for a housecleaning job.

W hat a wonderful service they had on Christmas
Eve. The church was almost full. The music and the
spirit were great. At the end of the service, the
pastor and his wife greeted everyone at the door
and many said that they would return.

One older man, whom the pastor recognized
from the neighborhood continued to sit in one of the
pews and stare, and the pastor wondered why he
wasn't leaving.

T he man asked him where he got the tablecloth on
the front wall because it was identical to one
that his wife had made years ago when
they lived in Austria before the war and how
could there be two tablecloths so much alike?

H e told the pastor how the Nazis came, how he
forced his wife to flee for her safety and he was
supposed to follow her, but he was arrested and
put in a prison. He never saw his wife or his home
again all the 35 years between.

T he pastor asked him if he would allow him to
take him for a little ride. They drove to Staten
Island and to the same house where the pastor
had taken the woman three days earlier.

H e helped the man climb the three flights of
stairs to the woman's apartment, knocked on
the door and he saw the greatest Christmas
reunion he could ever imagine.

T rue Story - submitted by Pastor Rob Reid
who says God does work in mysterious ways.
I asked the Lord to bless you as I prayed for

you today, to guide you and protect you as you go
along your way. His love is always with you. His

promises are true, and when we give Him all our
cares we know He will see us through.

S o when the road you're traveling seems
difficult at best, just remember I'm here
praying and God will do the rest. Pass this on
to those you want God to bless and remember
to send it back to the one who asked God to bless
you first.

W hen there is nothing left but God, that is when
you find out that God is all you need Take 60
seconds and give this a shot! All you do is simply
say the following small prayer for the person
who sent this to you.

Father, God, bless all my friends and family in what
ever it is that You know they may be needing this
day! May their lives be full of Your peace,
prosperity and power as they seek to have a

closer relationship with You. Amen.

T hen send it on to five other people, including the
one who sent it to you. Within hours five people have
prayed for you and you caused a multitude of people
to pray for other people. Then, sit back and watch the
power of God work in your life.

P. S. Five is good, but more is better.

183. For all of America to read!

For all of America to read! 

You and I are Members, Don't Delete,

Just Read and Pass it on.

The typical U.S. Household headed by a person age 65 or older has a net   worth 47 times greater than a household headed by someone under 35,   according to an analysis of census datareleased Monday.

They like to refer to us as senior citizens, old fogies,   geezers, and in some cases dinosaurs.  Some of us are "Baby Boomers" getting   ready to retire. Others have been retired for some time.

We walk a little   slower these days and our eyes and hearing are not what they once were.

We   worked hard, raised our children,  worshiped our God and grown old together.

Yes, we are the ones some refer to as being over the hill, and that isprobably true. But before writing us off completely, there are a few things  that need to be taken into consideration. 

In school we studied English, history, math, and science   which enabled us to lead America into the technological age.

Most of usremember what outhouses were, many of us with firsthand experience. We   remember the days of telephone party-lines, 25 cent gasoline, and milk and   ice being delivered to our homes. For those of you who don't know what an icebox is, today they are electric andreferred to as refrigerators. A few   even remember when cars were started with a crank. Yes, we lived those days.  

We are probably considered old fashioned and out-dated by   many. But there are a few things you need to remember before completely   writing us off.

We won World War II, fought in Korea and Viet Nam . We can   quote The Pledge of Allegiance, and know where to place our hand while doing   so. We wore the uniform of our country with pride and lost many friends on the battlefield. We didn't fight for the Socialist States of America ; we   fought for the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave." We wore   different uniforms but carried the same flag.

We know the words to the Star   Spangled Banner, America , and America the Beautiful by heart, and you mayeven

see some tears running down our cheeks as we sing.

We have lived what   many of you have only read in history books and we feel no obligation to apologize to anyone for America . 

Yes, we are old and slow these days but rest assured, we have   at least one good fight left in us. We have loved this country, fought for   it, and died for it, and now we are going to save it. It is our country and   nobody is going to take it away from us.

We took oaths to defend America   against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that is an oath we plan to   keep.

There are those who want todestroy this land we love but, like our   founders, there is no way we are going to remain silent.

It was mostly the young people of this nation who elected   Obama and the Democratic Congress. Youfell for the "Hope and Change" which  in reality was nothing but "Hype and Lies." 

You youngsters have tasted socialism and seen evil face to   face, and have found you don't like it after all. You make a lot of noise, but most are all too interested in their careers or "Climbing the Social   Ladder" to be involved in such mundane things as patriotism and voting.

Manyof those who fell for the "Great Lie" in 2008 are now having buyer's   remorse. With all the education we gave you, you didn't have sense enough to see through the lies and instead drank the 'Kool-Aid.'  Now you're paying the price and complaining about it.  No jobs, lost mortgages, higher taxes,   and less freedom.

This is what you voted for and this is what you got. We   entrusted you with the Torch of Libertyand you traded it for a paycheck and   a fancy house. 

Well, don't worry youngsters, the Grey-Haired Brigade is here,   and in 2016 we are going to take back our nation. We may drive a little   slower than you would like but we get to where we're going, and in 2016 we're   going to the polls by the millions. 

This land does not belong to the man in the White House nor to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Eric Holder.  It belongs to "We  the People" and "We the People" plan to reclaim our land and our freedom. 

We hope this time you will do a better job of preserving it and passing it   along to our grandchildren.  So the next time you have the chance to say the  Pledge of Allegiance, stand up, put your hand over your heart, honor ourcountry, and thank God for the old geezers of the "Gray-Haired Brigade."

Footnote: This is spot on. I am another Gray-HairedGeezersigning on. I will circulate this to other Gray-Haired Geezers all over   this once great county. 

Can you feel the ground shaking???  

It's not an earthquake, it is a STAMPEDE.  

You and I are Members, don't Delete, 

just read and pass it on .









182. I Witnessed the Power of God Today

I Witnessed the Power of God Today


I witnessed the power of God today, in many different ways.

I know He is a living God who hears us when we pray.

But He is so much more than that! He wants to fill our days

with deeds of joy and goodness, so we’ll give to Him all praise.

His power, mercy and His might in many things abound.

You, too, may know His power if you'll only look around.


I witnessed the power of God today in a rushing waterfall.

Only He could make the mountain that stood so very tall

and the stream of running water that rose from its inner depths

then hurried to the point from which it looked as if it leapt.

I saw the power of my God through eyes He gave to me.

And so I said, “I thank you, God, for allowing me to see!”


I witnessed the power of God today in the cooing of a dove.

He spoke sweetly to his mate. He seemed to speak of love.

When such a great emotion in earth's nature realm is shown,

it serves to bring remembrance that our God is on His throne.

I heard the power of my God through His wondrous gift of ears.

And so I said, “I thank you, God, for ability to hear!”


I witnessed the power of God today in a fragrant blooming rose.

It completely warmed my being as I held it to my nose.

How can a thing of beauty have an odor so divine?

Answers to questions of this sort are simple to a God like mine.

I sensed the power of my God through His gift of smell.

And so I said, “I thank you, God, for this wondrous gift as well!”


I witnessed the power of God today in warming rays of sun.

It felt so good to know those wintry days had come and gone.

I'm told He simply spoke the words and said, “Now let there be!”

And earth and sun came to exist for all eternity.

I sensed the power of my God through His gifts of feel and touch.

And then I said, “I’m grateful, God! You’ve given me so much.”


I witnessed the power of God today in tangy, tasty fruit.

He made several different ones, my different moods to suit.

How each has its distinctive flavor, I’ll never understand,

but the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisest man.

I witnessed the power of my God in the miracle of taste.

And so I said, “I praise you, God, for this sign of your embrace.”


I witnessed the power of God today in calmness of my heart.

Such a quiet and peaceful feeling, only my God could impart.

I did not see nor hear nor smell. I did not touch or taste.

It was like a sixth sense, and it comes about through faith.

By faith, the power of my God now resides in me!

All I can say is, “Thank you, God! All praise be unto Thee!”