Checklist for Schools for Upcoming Visit of Abe Lincoln

(If we have any questions we will call ABE directly in the AbeMobile at 770-402-0917 or e-Mail him at:

Please e-mail me at: NOW and let me know you have read and are going through this checklist. We are getting too many schools who do NOT bother to read. Everything is here for a reason. Please be sure you have given your principal a copy of this checklist and the schedule!

Thank you.

  1. _____ E-mail ABE directions to school.....NOW! READ all of this page....please.
  2. _____ Download, check & follow SCHEDULE. Any questions, call ABE.
  3. _____ Send out PRESS RELEASE to newspapers & TV --7 to 10 days ahead of Abe's visit
  4. _____ Post NOTICE of Abe's visit around school a week ahead of visit
  5. _____ E-mail ABE to let him know where to park and directions to school from a major highway
  6. _____ E-mail ABE with the name and phone number of an after-hours contact in case of problems or emergency
  7. _____ Make announcements that if any students want to learn the GETTYSBURG ADDRESS before ABE's visit, they will get to eat lunch with the President. You may make copies early for those students who wish to have one to memorize
  8. _____ Have copies of the GETTYSBURG ADDRESS ready to pass out at the main assembly for third & up. Please be sure you have put the name of the school and/or sponsoring organization/company at the bottom. Do NOT cut off any of the copy! (If it comes off your printer as two pages, paste-up as ONE)
  9. _____ PA system set up in the gym, cafeteria or auditorium where assemblies will be held. ABE has his own wireless lapel mike to use on your PA
  10. _____ An American flag on staff or on the wall in the assembly area
  11. _____ Glass of water with NO ICE for ABE
  12. _____ Cassette player or boom-box to play while students enter and leave
  13. _____ Arranged to use the Media Center for the smaller afternoon Q & A's. Students will sit on the floor.
  14. _____ Please ask teachers NOT to grade papers during presentations. They too will enjoy & learn
  15. _____ Download QUIZ from Abe's website. To be given after visit. Answers need passwords from ABE.
  16. _____ Please take time to send a short note to ABE in your own words of what you thought of the program.Mail to P. O. Box 13, Jasper, GA 30143 on school letterhead. And please tell other schools about this wonderful program so they too can book it.
  17. Please send a copy of any newspaper articles to ABE.