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Educational materials for kids/parents and information for teachers/administrators.

The States of the US
Learn about the states of the nation as you follow Abe in his travels to over 2,200 locations across the United States of America. click here

Abe Word Search
Search for and circle words from the life of Abraham Lincoln using this classic-style puzzle.

Everything you need for a visit from Abe. Please download the following while you are here.

1. Checklist (read/download this first)
To make sure you are prepared for Abe's visit, use the following checklist.

2. Event Schedule
The itinerary of what to expect in a visit from Abe.

3. Notice to Post
A flyer that you may post around school before Abe's visit.

4. Press Release
Please notify your local newspaper, radio station, or television broadcast of Abe's appearance with this informative document.

5. The Gettysburg Address
This document is to be printed and distributed to students, so that they may learn more about Abraham Lincoln before Abe arrives.

6. Abe Quiz
Determine what the students have learned once Abe leaves with this 99 question quiz. When Abe is on-site he will give the teachers the name/password to the quiz's answers.

7. Contract
If you wish to have Abe host an event at your location, please print, sign, and return the following form. click here

The Spittin' Image of Lincoln
There are numerous coincidences between the former presidents Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy, as well as many coincidences between Abraham Lincoln and Homer S. Sewell III. Learn just how similar these men are!

• 18 similarities between Lincoln and Kennedy read
• 36 similarities between Homer and Lincoln read

A Word from Abe Regarding the Colorado Incident
In the light of recent events in our nation's school system, Homer writes a personal and moving letter on the decline in schools of respect for self, parents, teachers, and lack of discipline and punishment for improper behavior.