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Homer S. Sewell III
P.O. Box 13
Jasper, Georgia 30143-0013



Awesome RV! You will be traveling in style!! And I wish for you safe travels!

We all so enjoyed your visit today—I believe you helped us create a memory that our students will never forget! I am glad we had the opportunity for you share the life lessons from Abraham Lincoln! If we only had more true statesmen like that now-a-days to lead our country!!

Best regards!

Clayton Elem School, Canton, GA
February 10, 2012

Dear “Abe,”
On behalf of the students and staff at Greenfield, I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for your visit to our school. The presentations you made during the assembly
for students in grades 3–8 as well as the classroom visits for students K-2 were educational, inspiring and enjoyable.
Teachers as well as students have commented that your presentation was one of the best we have had. We certainly will recommend your program to others and
hope that we have the opportunity to visit with you again.
Good luck as you inspire others to be dreamers and rainbow chasers who soar with the eagles as they “become.”

Marilyn Schild, Principal
Greenfield Elementary School, Greenfield, Illinois
February 9, 1991

"Dear Homer,

Thank-you so much for such a wonderful presentation! Everyone was very impressed by your knowledge and your interpretation of Mr. Lincoln. I have passed your name onto my cousin who has a child in a private school in Roswell. I am sure they will be calling you! Thank you also for the autographed book, it will be a wonderful addition to our library. It was a pleasure to meet you and be your secret service agent for the day. I hope our paths cross again. I am sad that we didn't have our picture made together, after all, how many people have the opportunity to meet and speak to such an important man in history!

Gwen Baldwin"

"Dear Mr. Sewell,

I just wanted to thank you for your visit in our school today. We really appreciated what you had to say to the kids as well as your participation in our parade. The students were very impressed not only by your appearance but by your knowledge of Abraham Lincoln. I have briefly checked our your website and will have to have more time to spend there. I am also forwarding your web site address to some family and friends to show them what we saw today. I have done as you asked and printed out a copy of the Gettysburg Address to copy for the students. I have also checked out your store. One thing that I would like to see is a bookmark that had your picture with the beginning of the Gettysburg Address or the seven items that you encourage in our youth today. That would be something that I would purchase for my students to remember your visit. Thank you again."

Gayla Anderson
3rd grade teacher
Brazoria Elementary, Brazoria, Tx
October 27th, 2000

Hey Mr. Sewell,

You make a great Abe..... Today when you came to our school everybody had a lot of fun and learned a lot, too!!! I got great things in your Abe store. I got: A penny card, a picture, and post cards.....and a fake five dollar bill. I loved it all. Write back soon!

Brandi Swinney
Fairmount Elem School, Fairmount, GA

Hi Mr. Lincoln!

You are the greatest! You inspired a lot people when you came on Tuesday. Your message was just the greatest!!!! The kids plan to write to you. Thanks again.

Becky Topil
1st/2nd Grade Teacher, LAN Manager
Bellwood Public School, Bellwood, NE

Dear ABE:

I have several students who brought money in the next day for items from "Abe's Store". Please ship these items to us.

We really enjoyed your day with us. I have received many compliments on your work with the students. Even the kindergarten kids were still talking about you on Friday so you made quite an impression with them also. The article in the Wellsville Globe was well done. I am enclosing a photocopy of the article for you to see. Hope you are continuing to enjoy your travels and experiences around the country.


James Daugherty, Principal
Wellsville Elementary School
Wellsville, KS

Dear Mr. Sewell

I have enclosed a copy of the video that was made during your performance at the North Broadway School on January 28th. Also enclosed is our local newspaper from January 29th which contained a front page article about your visit.

Our students are still talking about how much they enjoyed your visit and presentation. We have received innumerable inquiries from parents about the presentation due to the amount of good feedback that they have heard from their children. The living history presentation was well worth the cost and we want you to know that you have enriched the lives of a body of students who have not traditionally been exposed to history in this matter.

Thank you, again, for your presentation.


Willard M. Stovall
Home School Coordinator
Leavenworth, KS

The students were engaged and inspired by their visit with Abe! I have never seen a speaker as wonderful as Mr. Sewell at an elementary school presentation. I highly recommend him to teachers of any grade!

Traci Merlo
3rd Grade teacher
Lynn Kirk School
Austintown, Ohio

Abe's presentation was fantastic! He made history come alive! We felt like we went back through history and lived with Abe.

Kathy O'Brien
4th Grade Teacher
Valley View School
Ashwaubenon, WI

Dear Mr.Lincoln,

I really liked it when you came to our school. I had fun and learned a lot. My favorite part was when the pretend gun came out and Mrs.B. yelled "Hey!Get him! HE shot the President!" I also liked when you told everyone not to do drugs, tobacco, and everything else. Both me and Alyssa Reimenschneider memorized the entire Gettysburg Address. It was scary reciting it in front of the whole class. But I did it and I got a huge pencil in return! I think you make a GREAT abraham Lincoln. You two look like twins! It must be hard going everywhere in the U.S. Thanks you for the little card with a penny on it. I keep it taped on my desk. Well, anyway, thank you a LOT for coming to my school


Natalie Broadhurst age 9
J B Nelson School
Batavia, Illinois.

P.S. I joined the Abe's Ambassador Club, too!

Dear Mr. Sewell,

I just wanted to officially thank you for all the positive things that have been generated through your speaking at our school. My class has taken a MUCH better look at history since they feel a connection to Mr. Lincoln. Your program was both informative and extremely enjoyable and effective. I will mail letters that my students have written to tell you personally how they felt about their day with Mr. Lincoln. As a teacher, I cannot tell you enough how important such connections are for the education and welfare of our kids! Thank you for all you did. We also are very interested in your site and the Abe's Ambassador Club. Each child in my class has joined and is trying to live up to the pledge and to the model you set forth. Thank you! We hope you will be
back in our school soon!


Ms.S. Brozenec,
4th Grade,
J.B. Nelson School,
Batavia, Illinois

I am the father of one of the boys that had the privledge of seeing your performance last night. It was absolutly awesome. I think that your message is very inspiring and you are to be commended for what you do. During your performance I realized where I had seen you before, however, I did not mention that because it would take the mystic out of your character. You can be assured that when I see you again at that other location I will always greet you with a handshake. Thank You again for a wonderful evening.

Jeff Duncan
Father of Nicholas Duncan
Weblos II Den, Pack 670
Holly Springs, GA

To whom it may concern:
If ever the word “pride,” “honor,” “motivation,” and “patriotism” could be extended to describe an individual, it would be proper and fitting in Homer Sewell’s abilities to portray
President Abraham Lincoln. Sewell’s entertaining stories of Lincoln’s life is a rare personal exposure to the human side of the man called “Abe.” Sewell’s unique touch with youngsters
makes this program a true hands-on learning experience.

Rod Davis, Principal
Friendship North Ridge Elementary
School, Lubbock, Texas
September 25, 1990

Dear Homer:
Your portrayal of Abe Lincoln made a famous American come alive and history real and meaningful. Our students were spellbound. When you are able to keep the attention of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade children for a full day you have accomplished a great deal.
I realized you had captured the audience from the quality of questions the children were asking. I would say to any school person, if you book just one assembly program for the year … this is the one!

Thank you for making us proud to be Americans.

Gerald F. Judd, Principal
Denver City Intermediate School
"Kids under Construction”
Denver City, Texas
February 3, 1991

I have had the fortunate opportunity to meet and participate in Mr. Homer Sewell’s sharing of Abraham Lincoln. This man is truly “called” to characterize the sixteenth President of
the United States. I was with Mr. Sewell in two very different situations: one at our area wide Arts Festival which drew approx. 90,000 people and in three of our elementary schools. He was a wonderful addition to our Festival. He took the time to give lectures, to hand out signed copies of the Gettysburg Addresses and meet people during the three-day event. At our elementary schools he was met with great enthusiasm. I would especially like to share one event which was an example of this man’s character. We were walking down the primary wing of one elementary school when six deaf education children saw him coming. Their faces lit up and hands flew in excitement. Their teacher explained that they had been studying Lincoln since early November and they could not believe that he was in their school. Homer stopped and took time with each child. He allowed them to see his watch, try on his hat and tug at his beard and all the while shining a smile that was pure joy. This encounter was but one of many unscheduled and unplanned events which Mr. Sewell graciously handled. I would encourage every opportunity for children to experience what Mr. Sewell so wonderfully and knowledgeably calls his work.

Lynn Elms, Chairperson
The Big Top Performers Lubbock
Arts Festival, Lubbock, Texas
April 3, 1992

What others have said

"We at the Warrior Transition Battalion could not be more pleased with the personal touch and 150% efforts of President ABE Lincoln. He not only presented to our unit as contracted, but he also provided our folks with FREE GUARDIAN ANGEL coins and inspirational prayer cards. He also then walked around our military hospital and provided encouragement to the staff and to visiting patients. This man made a HUGE and lasting impression! We will not soon forget the day ABE Lincoln visited our Fort Gordon, Georgia. This is one speaker you will be totally pleased with the results. Use him! Use him! USE HIM! We love you Abraham Lincoln!!!!! Homer Sewell is awesome!!"
Chaplain William Beaver
Fort Gordon, GA

16 April 2016

"The students, teachers and chaperons on this field trip had a great time and raved about our Abe Lincoln presenter. The students all wanted a picture with him. He was just fantastic. I would highly recommend Mr. Sewell to anyone who wants a professional, talented, knowledgeable and engaging presenter. "
Jenny G.
Performances were at the DeKalb History Center in Decatur, GA
September 24, 2015

"This was the highlight of our trip - Wonderful. Thanks!"
Don & Kathy Heidman
Grimsby, Ontario

"It was like being with the real Abe. Loved it!"
Dolores Powers
Cocoa, Florida

"Very good. Enjoyed it very much."
Ernest Proulx
Hooksett, New Hampshire

"Wonderful! Very good."
Madge & Bill Westfall
Great Bend, Kansas

"Very Good. Others should hear THIS President.
Alice & Lee Morris
Harrison, Arkansas

"Simply great performance! I learned so much, probably more than I learned during formal history education. We will certainly tell our friends."
B. A. Bowman
Macomb, Illinois

"Very well put together and presented very well! Really enjoyed it!"
Sherry & Noel Thompson
Lead Hill, Arkansas

"Excellent! People need your message."
Mrs. Paul Sewell
Anaheim, California

"Wonderful performance & I'll do all I can do to promote your cause."
Cornelia Hayden
Lanham, Maryland

"I liked Abe more than fried chicken! It was awesome!"

Jessica Slott, Murphy Kurth, Adam Zarn

Jessica Slott, Murphy Kurth, Adam Zarn

Adam Zarn

Adam Zarn

Mr. And Mrs. A. Lincoln showed up trick-or treating, Presidential -style, in Batavia, IL. Mary (Murphy Kurth) is shown trying to find the "real" Abe (Jessica Stott and Adam Zarn). These fourth-graders and their entire class are learning the Gettysburg Address and plan to join "Abe's Ambassadors Club." They met Mr. Sewell at their school and are following his trips around the U.S. They are hoping his travels will bring him back to their school again soon.

J. B. Nelson Elem School, Batavia, IL

Dear Homer,

It was our distinct privilege to have you at St. John's in Watertown this past week. Our kids are still excited about your day here. They're still talking about the questions they each were trying to stump you with, and the gunshot in our gym, and the penny souvenir, and holding hands in the classrooms, and the girl pulling your beard to see if it was real. We thank you for the lessons you gave us to live by: read to succeed, don't give up no-sirree-bobarino, honesty is the best policy, be a dreamer and reach for the stars. We hope to have you back again some day.

Jay Storm

I thought it was really interesting because you look exactly like Abe Lincoln and when people demonstrate biographies you learn more because you are seeing it. Visual learning is more interesting than reading out of a book. Thank you for giving me information about Abraham Lincoln. The something that I learned from your demonstration was that giving up is not an option, whether you want to or not.

Julia Miller
at Rossman School,
St. Louis, Missouri

Dear Mr. Sewell:
On behalf of Smith School and the Smith School PTA, I would like to express our thanks to you for providing a most rewarding day for our children.
Your portrayal of Abraham Lincoln was marvelous! Your enthusiasm for the man and his life was transferred to each child. Both of my young sons came home from school and talked non-stop about what they had learned. Your advice to the children to be dreamers, stargazers, rainbow chasers, and to soar with the eagles was a very valuable gift indeed.
I am enclosing copies of several articles that appeared in local Cleveland and Berea papers.
Again, many thanks for a wonderful day!

Barbara M. Norris, President, Smith PTA
Smith Elementary School, Berea, Ohio
November 13, 1991

This is the second time that we have had this ABE----He is GREAT!

Scottie Long
North Junior High School
Henderson, KY

Mr. Sewell was excellent and we enjoyed his program.

Connie Easterwood
Brady Elem School,
Brady, TX

ABE was wonderful with kids---very knowledgeable & worked easily into our schedule. ABE went out of his way to eat lunch with kids & even visit a sick student at her house!

Steve Wermund,
Principal, G. D.
Jones Elem School
Wausau, WI

Mr. Sewell was wonderful! He not only did a great job but was easy to work with.

Sandra Payne
Onsted Intermediate School
Onsted, MI

Dear Mr. Sewell:

This is to thank you for being such a positive force in the education of children. Your visit to our class was informative and stimulating. The school assembly was excellent and served as a tremendous learning experience for all our children.

Small group presentations were very well planned and received and children still talk of them. Lunch with Mr. Lincoln was a superb reward for children and is something they will always remember.

My class has found much on your website to further our study. The children have all chosen to join the Abe's Ambassadors Club & the pledge is prominently posted in our room. Your work well exemplifies the positive guiding principles that should be a part of every young person's life and of our school life.

Thank you so much for your presentation and your model for children. I hope you will be in this school again!


Susan Brozenec
4th Grade teacher
J. B. Nelson School
Batavia, IL

My name is Chi and I am in the seventh grade at Parkhill Jr. HighYou were at my school on Friday April 28 and that was really cool. During our five minutes in social studies class everyone was talking about how cool it was to see this guy dressed like Abraham Lincoln walking down the hall. Your assembly was really fun. When you said "read lots of good books" you sound like my Great Aunt because thats what she says. Goodbye.

Chi Kiyong
Parkhill Junior High School
Dallas, TX

Dear Homer,
Thanks for your kind emails. I'm glad you enjoyed staying at our house. My family enjoyed you as much as I did!!! Ed carries your business card with your picture on it in his wallet. Amanda took all of the goodies to school. Adam took the post card you gave him and taped it under the light switch in the kitchen! He calls the notepad his 'flip book' and he will only use his Abraham Lincoln pen to write on his flip book. You really left a positive impact on a young boy. If you are ever back in our area, please let me know. You are always welcome to stay with us. I would even be willing to attend with you as 'Mrs. Lincoln' just for the fun of it. I had so much fun on that day. Here are some thoughts you could add to your web page if you'd like...

When Homer Sewell portrayed Abraham Lincoln at our school, history came alive! Our children's future was improved immensely as they heard from Abraham Lincoln the importance of staying drug, alcohol, tobacco and violence free.

Hearing Mr. Lincoln's Drug Free message really left a positive impact on many children. One girl told her mom, "Mr. Lincoln made me promise not to take drugs so I'm not going to!"

History came alive and the future was brightened when Abraham Lincoln shared his life and drug free message with our elementary children.

If these won't help let me know and I'll work on some others.

You made the front page of the Salem News. I'll send you a copy of thepicture.
Talk to you soon.

Chris Lydic


Thanks for coming to Broadway Schools and giving my students a chance to experience the life of Abraham Lincoln. Your time spent with the kids was a learning time they won't soon forget. I also want to thank you for your personal interaction with the students. It was very evident that you really care for the kids that you see and want them to succeed in life. Thanks again for a great presentation.


Galen Gingerich
Principal, Broadway Elementary School
Tipp City, Ohio

Dear Colleagues,
I just spent the day with Abe Lincoln. Actually, President Lincoln spent the day here at Yale interacting with our kids, teachers, and parents in a very unique way. He put in a full day
(8:00 AM to 9 PM) storytelling, visiting, conducting assemblies and grade-level questions and answers sessions … and even had a great time helping pull lunch recess. The sight of
Abe Lincoln booming punts halfway across the Yale playground in his stove pipe hat is a sight to see. The kids loved him, and he obviously enjoyed working with them. He was
outside to see them off at the end of the day as they left on buses and cars and he was back fresh and ready for the PTA meeting where he was just as good with the parents.
The man portraying Lincoln is Homer Sewell, an actor from Georgia who does this full time. He has been to about 830 schools over the past few years and has talked to thousands
of children. I believe he is very effective in delivering his message, which is a combination of patriotism, commitment to a drug-free life, and just good old American values. His fee can be funded by your PTA, your corporate sponsor, or it qualifies as an anti-drug program if you want to pursue that avenue. I highly recommend this program and am attaching information in case you want to contact him about a possible engagement for your school.

Dr. John Phillips, Principal
Yale Elementary School, Richardson, Texas
February 10, 1993

What a wonderful, educational, inspiring, and exciting day you provided for our school. I am still hearing praises from teachers, parents, and children about our visit from Abe Lincoln.
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the work which you do and the message that you present to a new generation of Americans.
Numerous parents have told me that their children have not stopped talking about your visit. We probably spent 30 minutes from an hour long PTA Board meeting praising you.
After I elaborated about what a delightful individual you are, how wonderfully the children responded to you, and how relevant and important your message is the other officers piped
up and said they had never seen their children so excited about a program. Just yesterday a friend from church told me that her fourth grader who never comments on anything
talked for a full forty-five minutes about Abraham Lincoln and your program. It would be a gross understatement to say that the Big Springs Community was impressed.
I am enclosing a message which I intend to distribute to other schools and the few individuals whom I know that are involved in service organizations both here and in Alabama.
You are welcome to use this letter for your own references in any way that you would like.
On a personal note Kenny, Kendall, Ivy, and I immensely enjoyed your stay in our home. We are the only family I know who now has a Lincoln bedroom and we were entertained
and educated beyond our furthest expectations. You have led an incredibly interesting life. Homer, you will never know the lives that you have touched and the individuals that you have
inspired. Your genuine love of people and your gift of demonstrating that sincerely is a trait to be treasured. I truly believe that you in your own right are a contemporary American hero
and a wonderful person to exemplify the spirit and character of Abraham Lincoln.
If ever there is anything that we can do to advance your appearances please let us know. It is a noble and inspiring profession.

Sweet Hopkins, PTA President
Big Springs Elementary
Garland, Texas
November 14, 1993