Homer & Joan are ABE & Mary Todd Lincoln at Jasper UMC on President's Day, February 19, 2018

Homer is proud of winning the 2003 ...AOL "15 HOURS OF FAME" CONTEST. We hope you enjoy visiting the site. And ABE would love to come visit you soon.

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Read inspirational quotes from Abe and stories from Lincoln's past in our stories section.  "I am not afraid to die and, in fact, would be more than willing but I have an irresistible desire to live until I can be assured that the world is a better place because of my having lived in it."

- Abraham Lincoln

Homer = Lincoln

Did you know that both Homer and Lincoln built and lived in log cabins! There are thirty-six coincidences and similarities between these two great men, learn more about these resemblances in the school materials section.

It only took two hours! Honestly!

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How I spent my 194th birthday!
to read the article from the Cherokee News.

The Lincoln Bed

Abe Lincoln and Mike Judge of Rosewood Furniture, Eatonton, GA invite 400 members of the Augusta Country Club to see the Lincoln bedroom the week after the Master's Tournament......"everyone was quite impressed with Mike's authenic reproduction of Abe's extra large bed."

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ABE, Grace, Amelia & M'Kaylah are the grandchildren of Bobbie Kerr of Dallas

ABE, Grace, Amelia & M'Kaylah are the grandchildren of Bobbie Kerr of Dallas

Homer's friends in Dallas, Texas visit ABE and beautiful flowers in March, 2016 at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

"Image in the Mirror"

323 page autobiography of the life and times of Homer S. Sewell III. Very inspirational and motivational with lots of pictures. Will be autographed by the author.

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As you get to know me better from hearing me speak, reading things about me on this site or elsewhere, you will hear me speaking constantly of "soaring with the eagles". I have now been given permission to use this beautiful poem written by a new friend of mine. Please enjoy it as much as I did.

Soar As The Eagle
(C) 2005 by Dr. C. B. Skelton of Winder, GA

The eagle has a special sense
that tells him when a storm is brewing.
He neither panics nor gets tense,
but goes about his daily doings
until the storm is manifest,

then flies to meet the gale head-on
while rising to a heady height
where he can face its force alone.
Without a sign of fear or fright,
he sets his outstretched wings to soar.

The storm’s up-currents elevate
the eagle high above its fray
where, peacefully, he glides and waits
until a calm returns to stay,
then simply glides back to his nest.

Oh, that mankind could comprehend
the ways to rise above the fray
and not connive or condescend
to settle scores the “old-time way”
with slashing sword and rifle’s roar.

The scripture’s promise of the peace
which passes all [our] understanding
if everything is just released
to Him in prayer, with much thanksgiving,
stands as secure for us today

as when Paul wrote to Philippi.
His promise -- not that problems pass --
but far above life’s storms we’ll fly
free from the muck, mire and morass
that threatens us along the way.

So, soar, my friend, as eagles soar
securely nestled in His love
above the storm’s tempestuous roar
until the green-branch-bearing dove
says, “Land, my child. It is safe to stay.”

Billy Pearn, 3rd grade student J.B.Nelson School, Batavia, IL shows ABE his display of a log cabin Billy also got to each lunch with ABE.

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