Press Release

Homer S. Sewell III, of Jasper, Georgia, is a man who looks so much like Abraham Lincoln, that even without his top hat and coat, total strangers still call him ABE. Homer is very much a natural Lincoln look-alike requiring no make-up to be in character. There are 36 coincidences between Homer and Abe Lincoln which make the transition into Lincoln an easy step. Homer lives the life of Lincoln both in his personal and business life, with a strong message in every show of "Never giving up" and "Being proud of our country".

Homer has named his show "ABE LINCOLN'S AMERICA" and has performed all over the country in front of more than 2,000,000 people. Since he began in 1975 in Orlando, Florida he has made over 2,200 appearances in 47 states. He brings a powerful message to school children about the importance of staying away from drugs, alcohol, tobacco and youth violence; reading a lot of good books and respecting their parents, teachers and country. Now with the same power, he has put together a show which is inspirational, motivational, and patriotic...with an entertaining twist for the more mature audiences.

He IS the keynote speaker you've been looking for!

When Homer walks on stage you will believe "Abe Lincoln" has returned for the evening. You'll be caught up in the stories and knowledge "ABE" demonstrates while performing with ease. His one-man show brings an entertaining look into the life and times of our 16th President. As "ABE", Homer will take you back into history with amusing true stories about his life...from the log cabin to the White House. This realistic storytelling is in the great American tradition which helps bring history to life. The show and Homer will entertain and delight you, bringing to life the courage and determination which has shaped our nation. You will be proud to be an American and have a new feeling of pride in our great country. You are mesmerized as you re-live the days of Lincoln...and his death at the Ford's Theatre. The show involves audience participation where a wealth of knowledge is delivered with the authority of a president and the wit of a country lawyer. The realism which Homer bestows in his shows has received great reviews from audiences all over America.

Homer was invited by the National Park Service to be part of the national dedication and 50th Anniversary Celebration of Mount Rushmore, South Dakota in July of 1991 and return trips in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999.

As with anywhere Homer goes, admirers of President Lincoln follow him for a picture, autograph or just to shake hands! Whatever city he is in, newspapers, radio and television stations are quick to cover this interesting man and his shows.

Homer is a member of the Association of Lincoln Presenters. He was given the 1998 "Lincoln of the Year" award in Burbank, California in April of 1999.

Homer's 323-page autobiography, "Image in the Mirror", is all about his life as ABE, finding his biological parents and brothers after 49 years and all the wonderful things he has done in 72 years. Very inspirational!

After viewing "ABE LINCOLN'S AMERICA" you will leave with a renewed sense of patriotism and be encouraged to "Be a dreamer, a stargazer, a rainbow chaser and to soar with the eagles". HONEST!!!