Abe Quiz

What do you remember from Abe's visit to your school?

1.) What was Abe's birth mother's name?
2.) What was Abe's sister's name?
3.) When was Abe born?
4.) What county and state was Abe born in?
5.) How much older was Abe's sister than he was?
6.) How old was Abe when his mother died?
7.) What caused the death of Abe's mother?
8.) What was Abe's new stepmother's name?
9.) What were the names of Abe's stepbrother and stepsisters?
10.) What book did Abe borrow that got wet during a rain storm?
11.) Who did Abe borrow the book from?
12.) What did Abe do to pay for the book?
13.) What trick did Abe play on his stepmother in the new log cabin?
14.) What was Abe's favorite thing to do?
15.) What did Abe use to see to read at night in his cabin?
16.) What was Abe's favorite book?
17.) Abe said, "Every chance I get I should read lots of good ______________."
18.) Abe said, "I should never give up in the pursuit of ___________________."
19.) What happened to the flatboat on the trip to New Orleans when Abe was only 19?
20.) What did Abe do to get the boat unstuck?
21.) What was on the flatboat they were taking to sell for Mr. Gentry?
22.) How many pirates attacked Abe and Allen on that trip?
23.) Where did one of the pirates hit Abe with a big stick and leave a scar for life?
24.) How much did Abe earn for that three month trip to New Orleans?
25.) What bird should we always strive to soar with?
26.) What year did Abe and his family move from Indiana to Illinois?
27.) Name some of the jobs Abe had before becoming President?
28.) How old was Abe when he moved to New Salem to live on his own?
29.) What was the name of Abe's girlfriend in New Salem?
30.) What year was the Black Hawk Indian War?
31.) What position did Abe get elected to during the Black Hawk War?
32.) What year and what office did Abe first attempt to get into politics?
33.) What was Abe's nickname and how did he get it?
34.) Approximately how far is it from Springfield to New Salem, Illinois?
35.) Where did Abe carry the mail when he was Postmaster in New Salem?
36.) What was in the barrel Abe bought at the store and how much did he pay for it?
37.) What year did Abe become a lawyer?
38.) What year did Abe leave New Salem and move back to Springfield?
39.) What was the name of Abe's first law partner in Springfield?
40.) Abe said "I should always tell the ____________."
41.) What size boots did Abe wear?
42.) What happened in 1839 that changed Abe's life?
43.) What was Abe's wife's name and where was she from?
44.) When did Abe and Mary get married?
45.) How many children did Abe and Mary have?
46.) What were the names of Abe's children?
47.) How much did Abe pay for the house on 8th and Jackson in Springfield?
48.) Who did the Lincolns buy the house from in 1843?
49.) What political office did Abe run for and win in 1846?
50.) Abe said "Everyday I should give my teachers and other staff at school lots of ______________."
51.) Abe taught me "I should always have R_________ for my P______, T________ & C________."
52.) What political office did Abe try for and lose in 1856?
53.) How tall was Abe as an adult?
54.) Who did Abe run against and for what office in 1858?
55.) How many debates did Abe have with the little, short, fat guy in 1858?
56.) What was the name of the little girl who suggested Abe grow whiskers? How old was she?
57.) What city and state was she from?
58.) What three (3) states did Abe live in before becoming President?
59.) When did the Lincolns leave Springfield to go to Washington?
60.) What number President was Abe?
61.) When was Lincoln's first inauguration? When was the second?
62.) When and where did the Civil War start?
63.) What did President Lincoln do to help stop slavery and when?
64.) How did President Lincoln travel from Washington to Gettysburg?
65.) Who did Abe stay with in Gettysburg the night of November 18, 1863?
66.) What is the name of his most famous speech?
67.) When and where was this speech delivered?
68.) How long is this speech?
69.) Who was the famous photographer who took a lot of pictures of Abe?
70.) Who was the main speaker at Gettysburg and how long did he talk?
71.) What is a SCORE and what did Abe refer to in his speech?
72.) How many people witnessed the delivery of his speech?
73.) What national holiday did President Lincoln sign into law in 1863?
74.) Who was Lincoln's first and second Vice Presidents? Where were they from?
75.) What was Booth and his co-conspirators FIRST intention to do to Abe?
76.) How many men died during the four-year-long Civil War?
77.) How many men were involved in the Civil War?
78.) On what religious holiday was President Lincoln shot?
79.) What was the name of the play the Lincolns attended?
80.) What was the name of the theater the Lincolns attended?
81.) What was the name of the man who shot Abe?
82.) Who refused to go to the theater with the Lincolns and why?
83.) What type of play did the Lincolns see that fateful night?
84.) What was the name of the guard who left his guard post at the theater?
85.) Why did the guard leave his guard post at the theater?
86.) What was the name of the doctor who fixed Booth's broken leg?
87.) What was the name of the starring actress in the play that Friday evening?
88.) What time, date and day of the week did Abe die?
89.) Who became President number 17?
90.) How many doctors attended Abe at his death bed?
91.) What was the number of the boxes the Lincolns sat in at the theater?
92.) Who was at the theater with the Lincolns?
93.) What happened to the man who was there with the Lincolns?
94.) What famous expression came from the doctor who fixed Booth's broken leg?
95.) What act of the play and approx. what time was Abe shot?
96.) What is the name of the cemetery where Abe is buried?
97.) What money is Abe's picture on?
98.) What is Abe's motto for success?
99.) In 50 words or less write what you learned from Abe's visit.