200. Flag Dedication at Carl, Georgia

Flag Dedication at Carl, Georgia

September 19, 2016

by Doctor C. B. Skelton

The city of Carl dedicates today this flagpole with a flag of the USA.

Woodmen give flagpoles and flags to honor all who, by their service, heap honor upon her.

The idea for the program came to honor those who gave their lives on 9-11, trying others to save.

All servicemen, paramedics too, are now included with the “boys in blue”–

anyone willing to risk his own life to save his neighbor or his neighbor’s wife.

All that the donors ask in return is that the recipients make effort to learn

and always to follow protocol that is proper, showing respect that never will falter.

This flag would say, if she could speak, “Contrary to some, I am not weak.

I have flown more than 200 years. –at first, only thirteen – now fifty stars appear.

“I have flown in battles around the world, and tyranny trembles when I am unfurled.

I am the symbol of liberty and, wherever I go, I set people free.

“Whenever you pass and look my way, at least in your mind, you ought to say

a little prayer of thanks to God that I still hang on this shining rod.

“For, as long as I hang here, you shall be free to enjoy the fruits of true liberty.

But, if I be gone and another hangs here, you will have lost those freedoms, I fear.

So, cherish those freedoms and give me respect. See that neither suffers neglect,

and this country always shall be a bastion of hope and liberty.”