191. Mother's Day 2016

Mother’s Day, 2016

A tried-and-true saying from many years ago

says, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

The simple mention of one name sets many hearts aglow,

even though she may be getting older.


The name that sets those hearts aflame is Mother.

Just a family member, you might think.

But mention Father, Sister – even Brother,

and other family members hardly blink.


The reason for this difference of cognition

is, Mother risked her life in giving us birth,

and cared for us in good or adverse conditions.

No wonder that we now proclaim her worth!


Her love for us was always unconditional,

and usually accompanied with a prayer

that God would make our dreams be actual

and walk beside us while we were getting there.


Her faith in us was never known to waiver,

though we would oftentimes come short of the mark.

Her prayers to God asked Him to show us favor

and give to us that needed extra spark.


Through thick and thin; through small and grievous errors,

she kept the faith that we would win the race.

And, when our lives were caught in life’s dark narrows,

she prayed that God would grant to us His grace.


Such love, such faith, and such undying devotion

one hardly ever finds in any other.

No wonder the name invokes such great emotion –

in all parts of the world, the name of Mother.

(On a personal note)

Though Mom has long since gone to meet her Maker,

the mention of her name still brings me joy.

She truly was a giver, not a taker,

and God blessed me to be one of her boys.

Written by a very good friend of Homer's,

Doctor C. B. Skelton, Winder, GA