On The Road / Series I / Article 13

by Barbara Taylor & Homer S. Sewell III

After Homer finished his nine-month, 300+ schools in 35 states tour in Virginia on May 21 he then headed further north to the Boston, Massachusetts area to spend some time with his mother and his brother Stuart and family. He helped Stuart get ready for a big weekend. Stuart's nephew, Dan was going to have a Bar Mitzvah on Memorial Day. So there were a lot of parties and lots of good food to eat for that celebration of Dan's coming to manhood.

Homer then drove back the 1,250 miles to Jasper on Monday and Tuesday. He arrived home on the first of June. We have since been busy trying to get caught up on things around the house. Since we are never home to enjoy it, Homer is thinking of selling the house and this beautiful eight acres and we will continue to live in the AbeMobile until he decides to get off the road and slow down a bit.

I have had an opportunity to visit with my daughters and my eight grandchildren and just relax for a few days. Melinda and I have had a couple of garage sales at her new home on Gordon Road.

ABE helped out with the dedication of a new medical facility on Hwy 515 just south of the 108 intersection. On Flag Day, Monday the14th of June, ABE had a visit with the students at my granddaughter Haley's school, the Community Christian School in Canton. Those students enjoyed visiting with our sixteenth President and they learned some valuable lessons about respect for themselves, parents and teachers.

My son-in-law, Tony, had some minor surgery in Ellijay on Wednesday of this week and he is doing fine. Jennifer and the children are taking good care of him. Janet and Jerry got moved into a new home off Hwy 53 and they are doing well.

We will be leaving in the next few days to go back out to Mount Rushmore, South Dakota. If your summer plans call for a trip to the Black Hills be sure to look us up in Hill City...about nine miles from Mount Rushmore at the Rafter J Bar Ranch Resort. It is a wonderful place to spend some time if you are camping or want to stay in a cabin.

Until next time, God bless and we'll keep the light on for you.

Barbara and Homer signing off for now......