On The Road / Series I / Article 12

by Barbara Taylor & Homer S. Sewell III

Two weeks ago we were still in Texas in the Corpus Christi area. It was hot but the gas was a lot cheaper at 99 cents per gallon. Homer spoke in Portland at two schools there and then on Thursday afternoon we drove southwest of San Antonio to Uvalde. Homer spoke at four schools there on Friday. We stayed at the Quail Hollow RV Park. It had lots of big shade trees and was a very nice campground.

On Sunday we drove about 80 miles from Uvalde to Eagle Pass, Texas, parked and walked across the bridge to Piedras Negras, Mexico. We shopped around for a couple of hours. Homer bought me a nice dress and found himself an eagle wind chime and another eagle about 20 inches tall for his collection. We had a double-dipped ice cream cone for 45 cents each. We were not bombarded by little children begging for coins as we had been told we would. I can now say I've been from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico and from Canada to Mexico and lots of states in between. We have seen a lot of this country these past few months.

We returned from our trip across the border and went to a local movie theater to see "Entrapment". It was a good action movie. We had a nice, relaxing weekend and I worked on some of my craft items to sell in the Abe store http://abeusa16.com/html/store.html and on our new web pages,

This past Monday and Tuesday Homer spoke at two more Uvalde schools and then on Tuesday afternoon we headed back to Georgia. We drove 400 miles on Tuesday and 700 miles on Wednesday and arrived home late Wednesday evening.

Homer started his two-day visit to Jasper early Thursday morning digging in the mud at the barn to repair another broken water line. It was good to be back for a while and catch up on all the new things happening here in Jasper.

Homer's son, Jason has now gone into the U.S. Army and is at Fort Jackson, SC for basic training and advanced training. His son, Chip and Kimberly came up on Friday evening and Linda cooked all of us including my daughter, Melinda and granddaughter, Haley, and Homer's long-time friend from Florida, Ron Masten. We all had a nice visit and then had cake and ice cream to celebrate my birthday a week late.

On Saturday morning Homer left me and the AbeMobile here and he took off in the Lincoln to drive up to do schools in Delaware, Maryland and Virginia. He didn't even get to Dawsonville before the alternator went out on the Lincoln. So two hours and $200 later he was on the road again. While Homer drove north I got to spend some time with my daughters and grandchildren. Saturday afternoon we had a birthday party for Angel at the park. Happy Birthday Angel.

Hope all of you are well. Hug someone today and tell them how much you love them.

Until next time......Barbara and Homer signing off.