2. In Time

In Time a tribute to the kids of Ms. B at Nelson Elementary School in Batavia, IL. Time passes, So quickly Slipping through our fingers like falling rain So slowly Like ice melting on a frozen playground… Bur, always, time passes… The seasons change Today becomes yesterday Tomorrow becomes today… Passing moment to moment Eon to eon. And so, my special cherubs, The year has come and gone And your path takes a new curve Together we have shared so much and Discovered ourselves in the process. Look back on the journey with pride; You have come far… And, yet, have much farther to go And, go you will… Because you should, Because you can. Soar with eagles and angels Reach to the heavens and find the stars… The world is there for you Waiting. Time passes, but The universe waits to unfold in your hands To grow with you and for you and Because of you.

© Susan D. Brozenec Copyright 2002 (06/07/02)

Best wishes for the future, 5-B Class of 2001-2002. I will ever hold you in my memories…. With Officer Lim and Sirius, with souls of the World Trade Center and 9/11, with I Love NY and Mrs. Barbuto, with "Mr.Sid" and Sprig, with NPK, Dr. Polizotto and Pres. Doyle, the "Potash Rap" and Fertile-Minds, with poetry writing and storytelling around a campfire, with soil testing and model building, with the Gettysburg Address and Mr. Lincoln, withlaughter and singing, experimenting, and discovering… and with so much more! What a year!…

Stay strong, leaders of tomorrow ... you have so much potential and such character. I am glad to have been a part of your life journey and hope I have helped you on that path. Think of me once in a while when you see red, white, and blue ... or see an angel, or read a poem ... remember, "Once a 5-B, ALWAYS a 5-B." So, later.... NOT good-bye! Love, Ms. B.