50. The sounds of February

The Sounds of February

Listen to the sounds of February - the sounds of Liberty itself Sounds of Lincoln and his backwoods wisdom Let his words and thoughts of honesty and integrity soar past present questions Remember them as they resound through the halls of Congress and USA itself Going forth until they reach the ears of pondering peoples and musing minds Remember him as yesterday moves on towards tomorrow Let modern minds hold fast to strengths of earlier times Times of war and peace, of masterful speeches and gentle humor Walk with "Honest Abe" though cobblestone streets of Springfield and D.C. Ride circuit horses and covered carriages with this gentle giant Deliver mail and paper wrapped packages to gentle farm folk Watch solid timbers give birth to rugged rails Listen as hastily written words melt into cherished, hallowed wonders As "Four Score and Seven Years ago" becomes now and ever And malice fades away and charity becomes reality Look at the calendar that brings us back and sends us forward Listen to the sounds of Lincoln and Liberty They sing the sound of Freedom As the "Battle Hymn of the Republic" continueson and on May it forever ring in the hearts of countymen In the hearts of all

© Susan Gordon Copyright Feb 2006

Happy 197th Birthday, Mr President Wrote this for you today... :)