27. Age, and its lessons

Prayer in Blue and Gray

An Inspirational Poem...

*he cold wind whispers through the rustling dry leavesAnd the old oak draws its wrinkled bark closer for warmth.A tall man clothed in black stands beneath its shivering branches,His face drawn in pain and perplexity. His eyes, soft and clouded with thoughtHis voice, quiet and searching..."What do I do, God? Where do I go?Show me the path and I will turn to walk it.Give me the words, and I will say them.I ask for clarity, but see confusion.I listen for wisdom, but hear diversion.I yearn for strength, and feel weaknessHope for unity, and receive divisionSeek peace, but hear cannons.Where, God, is the road to lead us back together,The river that soothes the souls,The sun that dries the rain?Where is the tailor to blend the suits of blue and gray into a single cloth,The musician to pen the notes for North and South to sing as one,The author to write a litany of harmony rising out of the ashes?Help me, Father.Tell me, lead me, use me...Of the people, by the people, for the people...."The soulful words rise with the wings of a birdAnd the gentle giant walks towards homeAnd into history.Copyright, 2000,Susan D. Brozenec*