169. Acrostic For My Valentine

Acrostic for My Valentine

V is for "va-va-voom," the feeling I get
when you walk into the room; my sweetheart, my pet.

A -- for the French word "Amour," the kind that lasts for life
(or as the French would say "toujours") twixt a man and his wife.

L is for love that lasts "until death do us part"


for each has given to the other his or her heart.


E is for eternity, the time we want to spend

in each other's presence, for we are best of friends.

N stands for now and always, we promise to be true
to one another -- you to me, and I to you.

T is for time that seems to stand still with you by my side
and yet it’s so natural it seems forever you’ve been my bride.

I, of all men, have been most wonderfully blessed
to have a woman like you share our little love nest.

N stands for never has there been a doubt in my mind
that you were the one God intended in my life for this time.

E says eternal shall my song of gratitude be
to God for sending you to share this life with me.
© 2015, cbs