166. Welcome 2015

Welcome 2015

Our earth is keeping a steady pace
in orbit around the sun in space.
Around and around and around she goes
and where she stops, nobody knows --
except her divine Creator
who constantly repairs and updates her.

As she orbits, her axis of rotation
is 23.5 degrees away from the sun
in relation to the perpendicular
of her orbit's plane around her "star."
This simple tilt becomes the reason
for the earth's having four seasons.

The duration of this earth's orbit is always
three-hundred-sixty-five-and-one-quarter days.
That should make the reason clear
why every fourth one is a leap year.
This question oftimes has been raised,
"How many orbits has the earth made?"

Scientists have long debated this:
"Millions of years," say evolutionists.
Creationists say, "The Bible is clear,
it has been about 6000 years."
Regardless of which side wins this fight,
whenever God made it, He made it right.

Our calendar numbers the years of this earth
beginning the year of Jesus' birth.
Those years before Christ are called BC
whereas those after are labeled AD,
abbreviating "Anno Domini,"
Latin for "The year of our Lord," you see.

As the old year now exits the stage
and the new one comes on with a new, blank page,
my hope is that you and your family
will fill it with deeds that make you happy.
Forget about envy, hatred and strife.
This marks the beginning of the rest of your life.
© 2014, cbs