155. Be A Winner

Be A Winner

No matter what your age in life --
press forward.
Regardless of the pain or strife --
move onward.
Victory is never won
unless the job is fully done
and the race completely run.
Climb upward.

The swiftest in a race does not always win --
Use cunning.
He may tire and slow near the end --
Keep running.
The stronger in a fight does not always prevail
if you feint and jab and make him flail.
You may score points and cause him to fail --
Keep gunning.

Nothing is gained by your looking back --
Look forward.
It may cause your pace to slack --
Speed onward.
What lies behind you doesn't mean jake
except you must learn from every mistake
and try to never those same ones make --
Look goal-ward.

The rules are the same in youth or old age --
move outward.
In closing a chapter or turning a page --
press forward.
Every person has his or her calling.
To fail to fulfill ir would be quite appalling,
so get in the race. It's time to quit stalling!
Look Heavenward.