139. I Want My Country Back

I Want My Country Back

What’s happening, America?
Where is the county I know and love headed?
Where is the respect and the glory,
The honor, the pride, and the majesty?
How did we slipping from the top to the bottom?
How did the tired and poor become our own huddled masses
And our voices reach out in protest instead of allegiance?
Why do our democratic oaths need to beg to be free again?
We need the values of Washington, the morals of Lincoln,
The constitutional depth of Jefferson, the resolve of Ronald Reagan,
The tenacity of Teddy Roosevelt, the tempered protection of George Bush.
We need to ask with John Kennedy what we can do for our country
And not expect what our country can give to us.
We miss the pioneer spirit, the American push to the pinnacle.
Where is the marvel of our blossoming growth,
The beauty of sea to shining sea,
The fulfilling drive of manifest destiny,
The American Dream fulfilled?
We need the resolve of our patriotic past
As we look to a democratic dedicated future,
A Congress that cares, and a government that leads,
A politic that succeeds, media and press that tell the truth
What’s going on in this messed-up world?
Christian clarity and unity are now hidden in pagan shadows
And steps are leading away from morals and holy design.
I am shocked by Presidential apologies and educational mistruths,
Tired of political correctness but having to “press 1 for English”
I cry for aborted babies, unemployment, and global warming lies,
FEMA and PETA ploys, gun control, and government cover-ups,
Unbridled spending, over taxation, and illegal amnesty.
Bring back the sanctity of marriage and the honor of family ties,
Let us rediscover the power and wisdom inside our Constitution,
Heaven help us to be what we can and should be again.
I want my country back !