126. Happy Valentines Day

Red and Warm
Right in the middle of winter,
Tucked between snowstorms and hanging icicles,
Peeking out from woolen scarves and thermal boots
Showing a lacy patch of red and warm
And lighting spirits young and old, near and far,
Comes Valentines Day -
A time to let your heart shine most clearly
To open it for all to see
That special day to dance, to sing, to laugh, to love.
So, I searched for something to give you,
But, cards seemed plain and did not contain the fullness of my feelings,
Glittery, sparkly diamonds were far beyond my means,
And, then, I turned my eyes to the heavens
And I saw just what there was for you . . .
The sparkling stars are so much brighter in the evening sky
Their glittering glory is yours to have, to admire, to feel, to share
I thought of flowers,
But, all of them paled to the rainbow and God's verdant fields,
And they are all there for you, too, in everyday abundance.
I thought of sending something sweet -
But how could I match the joy in a childish giggle,
The warmth of a baby's smile, or the loving care of a mother's touch ?
Candy is gone in an instant, but God and His world are eternal
So, on this Valentine's Day, I offer all of this to you
Embrace His creation
Celebrate His worth
And wrap yourself in His glory !
Happy Valentine's Day