101. Taps, Il Silenzio

Il Silenzio.

This is the full classical version of taps. This is undoubtedly how it's played in heaven. We get the abbreviated version here on earth. At any rate, enjoy: Taps (Il Silenzio)

Talented 13 year old girl performing full rendition of Taps. The girl's name is Melissa Venema and is playing with maestro Andre Rieu from Maastriecht in the Netherlands. She is 13 and has been performing for years. This performance is in 2008 in Masstriecht where city officials sealed off the town square and closed everything down so they get perfect noise control. I am sure all of you that have studied music will appreciate such talent from such a 13 year old young lady. This is the first time I have ever heard the full rendition of Taps and I enjoyed it very much. It is a wonderful performance.