On The Road / Series I / Article 25

*by Barbara Taylor with Homer S. Sewell III *

On April 24th we left the beautiful Monahans Sandhills State Park in Texas and headed for Dallas. We stayed at Dallas West RV Park and Homer spoke to the students at the Parkhill Junior High School in the Richardson area of Dallas on Friday. Two of the children that our friend Bobbie Kerr has adopted go to school there. We went out for pizza with nine of her children. After school we started on the long trip back to Jasper. We arrived home Saturday afternoon.

We have been busy trying to visit our families and get chores done around the house. Of all the places we have visited these past two years Jasper sure looks good to us. As the old saying goes, "Thereís no place like home".

On Monday, May 1 Homer drove the ìlong 38 milesî to Alpharetta to speak to the students at the Manning Oaks Elem School. Then he left me and the AbeMobile parked here and drove the Lincoln up to Tipp City, Ohio and spoke to the students at Broadway Elem School. He had been at that school nine years ago so it was past time for a re-visit. He then drove further north to the Youngstown area and spoke to students at South Range Elem School in Canfield and Beloit Elem School in Beloit. He left there Friday after school and drove to the Chicago area. He walked with Ms. B's fourth grade class from J. B. Nelson Elem School in Batavia in the big VFW Loyalty Day Parade on Sunday. The entire class entered a poster contest and one of Ms. Bís students won the poster contest and a pizza party for the class.

I have not been feeling good for the past couple of weeks due to all the dust we were in in Arizona, New Mexico and Texas so I visited Doctor Perrow last week and got some medicine to help fight the breathing problems.

For Mother's Day I visited all three of my girls, Melinda, Janet and Jennifer and my eight grandchildren, Haley, Jonathan, Angel, Miranda, Kimberly, Ashley, Samatha and Nicholas. We had a cookout and took a walk in the woods and to the waterfalls with the kids. I also visited Jennifer in her home in Ellijay. She had some major surgery on her head to try to eliminate headaches and blurred vision. She seems to be doing much better.

We are glad to be back in Jasper and hope to see some of you for a visit now that we are ìoff the roadî for a while. We are NOT even going back out to Mount Rushmore where Homer has spent six summers. We have lots of things to do around the house and will work locally for a while. Until next time....Barbara and Homer signing off for now....