On The Road / Series I / Article 23

 A lot has happened since we visited two weeks ago while still in beautiful Colorado. When we left Colorado on Sunday we stopped at the Four Corners monument where the four states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico & Arizona come together. On Monday, March 27th Homer visited the students on the Navajo Indian Reservation at Kayenta Community School, Kayenta, Arizona. We then drove over to the Hopi Reservation and he spoke to the students at the Hotevilla-Bacavi Community School.

While visiting these two schools we were on the eastern side of the Grand Canyon and by the time we got to Las Vegas we had gone around the big hole in the ground to the western side. But it was NOT an easy trip. We had left Hotel Villa about noon to head west to Las Vegas and stopped in Flagstaff to get the oil changed in the Abe Mobile and in my car. We finally located a Jiffy Lube where the manager told us he could do the service for us including changing out the two fuel filters Homer felt might be causing our lack of power going up hills. It is not easy trying to get maneuvered into and out of tight places with the 37 feet of the motor home plus the tow dolly and my car. After spending a couple of hours there we were ready to get back onto I-40 heading west. Knowing that I-40 also goes east to Nashville and Knoxville it was tempting not to make a turn in that direction. As we were pulling out of the Jiffy Lube the manager noticed one of the tires on the tow dolly looked worn enough to be of some concern. So instead of getting on I-40 we drove around looking for a tire place still open at 5 PM. We found a Firestone Store and as Homer tried to pull into their driveway he got the hitch buried into the pavement. Their driveway was too much of an angle for us and we couldn't move backward or forward. We were stuck! Homer got out and unhooked the car and the tow dolly and worked for an hour with crowbars and jacks trying to get the hitch unstuck. A local policeman directed traffic around us as we blocked the road. While Homer got us out of this predicament the store changed out both of the tires on the tow dolly. We finally left Flagstaff, tired and $225 poorer about 7 PM.

The Abe Mobile did run much better after getting those filters changed and we finally got to the Western RV Park in downtown Las Vegas close to midnight. We were jammed in with other RV's but full hookups for only $10 a night is a great deal. On Thursday we drove out to the Hoover Dam and took a tour. That is one awesome dam! You have to see it to believe it. We took a lot of pictures. We also visited a few of the casinos and spent some quarters in the slot machines. Las Vegas has to be one of the most lit-up cities anywhere in the world and certainly is on the top of the list of places I have visited on this tour with Homer these past two years. We went to a night show at the Mirage Hotel & Casino and saw a beautiful volcano erupt with light and fire. We also went to the Treasure Island Resort and saw a realistic pirate fight between two ships. One of them actually sank in front of our eyes. It was quite a site to see!

On Friday Homer spoke to the students at the Clyde Cox Elem School in Las Vegas and we then drove on the Los Angeles area of California. We stayed the weekend on the beach at McGrath State Park. We took Peatie for a walk on the beach and took some beautiful Pacific Ocean sunset pictures. He loves the outdoors and we keep his wings clipped so he won't fly off. Homer is still trying to teach him the Gettysburg Address but all he is saying so far is "Hi Baby" and doing a lot of whistling.

On Monday Homer drove 80 miles thru LA traffic to Alhambra to speak to the students at Northrup Elem School. We neither one like all this traffic and are anxious to get back to Jasper's traffic. On Monday evening we ate dinner with Linda Buchanan. She used to rent a room from Homer and is now back with the Post Office in Ventura. It was nice seeing her again. On Tuesday we located a beautiful campground near Santa Paula...on a river with mountains all around and only $90 a week for the two weeks we will be here. He have taken some nice walks and picked up some long tail feathers from some local peacocks. We also took some pictures of them

*by Barbara Taylor with Homer S. Sewell III *