197. A Message from Homer

GO DONALD! He is our man! HONESTLY! I have been trying to reach out to you for months to help you squash lying Hillary! Who better to help a good HONEST true-blooded American get to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as our next and GREATEST President than ABE himself?

I actually worked in the White House for two years for President Johnson 1965 to 1967 and have been a motivational/impressionist speaker in 47 states as ABE for 41 years. I need to be the one to introduce Donald on TV spots and in person: “Since I am too old at 207 years to run again, my friend Donald will do a fine job for all of US! He is HONEST! And he will help US take government away from the politicians and put it back the way it was in my time….a government OF, BY & FOR the PEOPLE! Mary Todd and I would really appreciate you and all of our friends voting for Donald to be our next President. Thank you. HONESTLY!”