On The Road / Session II / Article 4

Mrs. Lincoln here,” On the Road to Greatness” to let you know that by the time this reaches you we will have visited almost twenty schools in ten states. We have talked to over 8,000 folks and handed out over 4,000 “Girl Power” cards across the country.

We have seen many things and met wonderful folks from all walks of life. We have witnessed firsthand how different schools are from one state to the next. Some of the best schools are the Catholic and Montessori Schools. One of my favorites was a Green school in Stanford, CT. They never turn the lights on because the school has natural lighting. The children were ages 4 years old to second grade. They were very calm, well behaved and very respectful. One of the Catholic schools in Edison NJ is where we met a four year old girl who knew that Abe’s face was on a five dollar bill. In Vineland NJ a 4 year old boy took Abe’s hand and took him over to the board, pointed to the letter ’ L’ and said, “Mr. Lincoln your name starts with ’ L’ look here.” We met first graders In Bethesda, MD, who knew all the forty- four presidents. How many of you folks know that? Talk about impressive! I have met wonderful people like Mrs. Mary from the St. Michael Archangel School in Levittown, PA. Who has become a great friend; and she even called me on my birthday. We went to speak at a school in Cape Cod right next door to where John F. Kennedy went to church. The Headmaster thanked me for my speech and for telling the children that I loved them and that by the boys supporting the girls and their “Girl Power”, it will make them better men. I love the children and my role as Mrs. Lincoln.

Don’t worry though; we have also taken time to see the sights along the way. Washington DC was one of my favorites. There is nothing like seeing the White House at night. It was so majestic and the city is so clean. And for the next three days we took the train into the city and enjoyed all it had to offer. Our first stop was the National Museum for Women in the Arts. What an amazing place to see such creative women all in one place! The floors and staircases, all done in marble, made me feel like home. Next stop was the Old Post Office that is now used for shops and a food court. The Bell Tower is still open for tours and you can see almost the whole city from there. The next day we visited the Hirshhorn Art Museum and The Smithsonian Castle. One of my favorites was the National Museum of the American Indian. The last day was spent seeing all the beautiful cherry blossom trees for the 100th festival and paying our respect to the Vietnam Vets at the Memorial Wall. And there is nothing like seeing the Lincoln Memorial with Abe. It was the most popular place in Washington. Folks gathered on the steps and sunbathed on the lawn. Even a raccoon came out to see what all the commotion was and see if anyone had food for him.

What a great experience! I have met amazing folks; fell in love with so many adorable children and made great friends. I have tried new foods, seen wonderful and exciting places and have grown spiritually from this adventure. I am so grateful to be Mrs. Lincoln’s voice and to take this journey with Abe, the greatest man I have ever known, across the country to inspire tomorrow’s leaders” On the Road to Greatness”. Keep us in your prayers until next time.

Mrs. Lincoln

A.K.A. Reverend Xylona