On The Road / Session II / Article 5

Mrs. Lincoln here, “On the Road to Greatness” with Abe letting you know what’s going on from the road. Most all of our experiences have been positive as you could see from my last letter to you all. I have to confess that “sometimes life doesn’t always deal you a straight and narrow path to walk down” as Abe would say.

We visited Stall Brook Elementary school in Bellingham, MA. that was in the middle of a huge controversy about a Lee Greenwood song. Some folks wanted the school to change the lyrics from “God Bless the USA” to “we love the USA”. It was all over the news and we had gotten a heads-up the night before. I wasn’t sure how our visit was going to go considering the fact that Abe’s favorite book was the Bible, and in his message he mentions God several times to the children.

We went into the school with an open mind and were given a schedule to follow for the assemblies for the day. We never saw the Principal in any of the assemblies that day. Teachers were in and out of the assembly and all seemed to be going quiet well. As a matter of fact, I had made the comment to Abe that we were doing good so far as no one had said anything to us about our message. I spoke too soon obviously.

We sat in a room with the seven girls who had learned the Gettysburg Address to have lunch and in the middle of my lunch a man appeared from behind me and thanked us for being at the school. He then asked me to step outside with him. I followed him out of the room and he proceeded to tell me there was a problem. “What is the problem?” I said. He wanted me to not give out any more” Girl Power” cards. He said that he didn’t know if I was aware of the news about their school and the issues of taking God out of a song. I said, “What does that have to do with me?” He said,” Well, I received two complaints from teachers that felt that your ‘Girl Power’ cards were disruptive and inappropriate. Your card says the word Goddess on it.” I said, “Goddess is the female aspect of God, What’s your problem?” He then went on to explain to me that they didn’t need the bad press since this had been all over the news and that he himself had no issue with the card. I assured him he was talking to the wrong person if he thought for one minute that I wouldn’t give him bad press over this situation. I let him know that I felt disrespected and that he should stand up for what he believes in instead of worrying about bad press. I then called for Abe to join this ridiculous conversation. He was appalled that this man would insult me and ask such an asinine thing of us. I refused to finish the program and asked them to please tell the children that we loved them and to explain to them the ignorance of the school.

Here is my point: Do not invite folks to visit your school that you have no idea what their message holds. Do not judge that message if you were not present for that message and more importantly do not tell Mrs. Lincoln that she cannot have a voice! I will not tolerate ignorance in any form. Abe was in support of my protest not to continue to be in the presence of such unwarranted censorship! “Girl Power” is alive and well and Goddesses are inspiring real love all over the country because we are peaceful order warriors encouraging rebirth. It is our time to shine and God gave us that right.

God Bless you all,

Mary Todd Lincoln

Aka, Reverend Xylona